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Kayaking and Canoeing

One of Many Kayaking Opportunties In Cheboygan

One of Many Kayaking Opportunties In Cheboygan

The Inland Waterway and its tributaries are fast becoming known as the perfect up north venue for fantastic kayaking and canoeing, no matter your skill level. Why you ask? It’s because no where else in Northern Michigan exists a network of inland lakes, rivers, and Great Lakes coastline like the Cheboygan area.

This is truly stunning country for kayaks and canoes, a paddler’s dream come true if there ever was one.

Many People Kayak Year Round!

Many People Kayak Year Round!

First, there’s the entire Inland Waterway to consider.This is a Michigan miracle of water and breathtaking scenery, encompassing three rivers and three lakes, 42 miles of kayaking and canoeing opportunity.

There’s the Cheboygan River from Mullett Lake to the Locks. There’s Mullett Lake down the Indian River to Burt Lake through the Village of Indian River. There’s the winding Black River and Black Lake.  There’s journeys where you never see another soul as you take in the beauty and wildlife, places to wave and smile at folks with cottages along the river, and restaurants for a respite and refreshment!

Put your paddles in the water in Cheboygan.

The Cheboygan area offers countless access points with hotels along the Cheboygan River. Just stop in the Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce and we’ll provide maps and all the information you need to make your kayaking and canoeing adventure in The Great Up North everything you imagined it could be.