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Sportsman’s Paradise

When it comes to fishing, hunting, wildlife photography, birdwatching, and everything an outdoors sportsperson and nature enthusiast can imagine, the Cheboygan area features the very best of northern Michigan!

Fishing in The Great Up North

Experience a Walleye run you’ll never forget.

You’ll discover world reknowned bass, walleye, perch, salmon, and steelhead experiences you never thought possible close to such a wonderful and historic place like Cheboygan.

Nearby trout streams abound with fly fishing magic for the most advanced and hobbyist anglers alike. Browns, brookies, rainbows hide in these waters… tie your own flies or not…  our rivers and watersheds are waiting for you. Conjur throwing your line into the Sturgeon, the Pigeon, the Indian, the Cheboygan, or the hidden gem of the Maple.

Fishing on the Waterway

Chartered expeditions into the Straits of Mackinac are very popular, too, leaving from our port harbor every day during the season.We have incredible inland lakes all around us; Mullett, Burt, Black and Douglas lakes to name a few. We’re the headwaters of the Great Inland Waterway so you have access to countless public access points and hundreds of miles of shorelines and rivers.The water here is pure filtered heaven for nearly every species of fish you can imagine in Northern Michigan.

When it comes to the fishing experience of your dreams or fishing with your family in the wide expanses of the Great Up North… the Cheboygan area is exactly what you’ve been looking for in a place as close to outdoor heaven on earth as possible.

You can get all the information you need about fishing in this amazing part of Northern Michigan, including licences, seasons, and public access points by visiting

Hunting in The Great Up North

In our woods and forests, around our lakes and ponds, along our shores and river banks, you’ll find a hunter’s dream come true.

Small Game

For the small game enthusiast, there’s seasonally fabulous hunting for snowshoe rabbit, grouse, wild turkey, and migratory waterfowl. The list goes on and on.

That’s because we have so much public land accessible to hunters… more maybe than any county in the Lower Peninsula!

You can quickly get all the information you need about public lands for hunting around Cheboygan, including licenses and regulations, by visiting

Big Game

If it’s big game you seek, Cheboygan is a great place to headquarter your trip. You’ll find this is great terrain hunting, including for whitetail, black bear, and elk.

And there’s lot’s of elbow room in the forests and woodlands of Cheboygan area.

You can quickly get all the information you need about public lands for hunting around Cheboygan, getting your tags and licenses, and regulations by visiting

So make Cheboygan your hunting destination up north. There’s special discount packages at many hotels and cabins with restaurant deals included! Be sure to search our Member Directory to take advantage of all Cheboygan has to offer.