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Winter Sports and Activities for Everyone

Cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and all the great winter outdoor sports have a home and tradition in the Cheboygan area. Cheboygan has the kind of lake effect snowfalls and winter storms that make for wondrous and magical winter recreation experiences. These are the quiet winter sports and like nowhere else there is harmony and respect between these sports and snowmobiling!Come to Cheboygan, in the heart of the Great Up North, and discover the secret!

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

The Cheboygan area has more trails to explore than almost anywhere in Michigan or across the United States. You’ll slide through spectacular forests and across frozen lakes that stretch for miles. You’ll work your way to villages and towns. You’ll see wildlife and sunrises and sunsets.

We feature trails dedicated to only cross country skiing so you can experience the peace and solitude of northern Michigan while you’re getting some of the best exercise imaginable.

Check out that Black Mountain Recreation Area and Cheboygan State Park for some excellent cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, perfect for the beginner or more advanced enthusiast.

Stop by the office of the Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce and we’ll provide you with all the trail maps you need.

Hockey and Skating

Cheboygan is an avid hockey, figure skating, and recreational skating town. The city operates a wonderful facility, the Ralph G. Cantile Arena, where the Cheboygan Area Hockey Association runs the youth hockey programs. The arena is the home ice for order vardenafil online.

There is open public skating and figure skating programs available. You may contact the arena directly for details!


Ice Fishing

Around Cheboygan there is simply fantastic ice fishing. Mullett Lake, Black Lake, Burt Lake, the Black River… the list goes on and on. Record muskies lurk in these waters, along with great schools of perch and lots of walleye.

The Cheboygan area is home to the Waterways Ice Festival where avid ice fisherman compete in the annual ice fishing tournament. So whether you like to fish from the warm confines of your ice shack or prefer the wide open spaces, we have lots of room for you in Cheboygan!